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Here’s why entering the Siridia universe and choosing our starry wines for your business is a great choice:
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Siridia wines offer the traditions of Valpolicella with a modern take, exploring the potential of our territory with a young and fresh style.

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Each of our labels tells a story and leaves plenty of room for imagination. Siridia bottles catch your attention, allowing you to tell a journey made of stars and dreams!

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We are committed to providing timely and high-quality service to our partners. We are always available to meet the needs of our customers and solve any issues as quickly as possible.

winemakerEdorardo Speri

Siridia is a young project. After working for many years as a winemaker for an important winery in Valpolicella, in 2019 I decided to embark on a new path by taking over my family’s vineyards.

Since then, we have grown and our approach has evolved over time. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, in 2020 we launched our first Valpolicella wine, and since then, our range has continued to expand.

As the first generation of our family to dedicate professionally to wine production, we wanted to find a new name that had no ties to the past.

"Siridia wines are Starry, as their labels tell tales of dreams and adventures that can inspire anyone who drinks them."


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