The originThe Birth of Our Star

Siridia is a young project. After working for many years as a winemaker for an important winery in Valpolicella, in 2019 I decided to embark on a new path by taking over my family’s vineyards.

Since then, we have grown and our approach has evolved over time. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, in 2020 we launched our first Valpolicella wine, and since then, our range has continued to expand.

As the first generation of our family to dedicate professionally to wine production, we wanted to find a new name that had no ties to the past.

Our mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the world of wine by offering our contemporary products and to communicate in an understandable and entertaining way.

Siridia is an invented term, a symbol of freshness and innovation, describing a company with a clear vision.

Our choice leaves room for imagination and individual interpretation, allowing each person to give their own meaning to it.

The connection with the stars, as shown in the logo and labels reflects our philosophy. Siridia is the guiding star, a dream, a goal to achieve.

Our intimate vision is that of a winemaker-archer, aiming for the perfect shot. The target is the thought of the imagined outcome, and the shot is the determination What connects them is the arrow, the vector of his destiny.

This image highlights the strong connection between the winemaker's work and nature.

The shooting of an arrow can be influenced by a gust of wind that modifies its trajectory.

No matter how precisely you aim, nature cannot be completely controlled by man.

That’s why the winemaker-archer knows he must align his goal with that of the vintage to realize that he and the target are one with nature.

“Siridia wines are Starry, as their labels tell tales of dreams and adventures that can inspire anyone who drinks them.”

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