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"Siridia wines are Starry, as their labels tell tales of dreams and adventures that can inspire anyone who drinks them."

Siridia products

Over the years, we have created three lines of Siridia wines: the “Cycle of Siridio” wines, the Experimental Wines, and the Limited Edition wines.

The "Cycle of Siridio" Wines

They represent the traditions of Valpolicella with a contemporary take. The labels follow Siridio’s journey step by step as he aims for his goals and reaches for his star.


The Experimental Wines

They represent the creative side of Siridia.

Each of them is a specific project, reflecting the desire to explore new paths and sensations.

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The Limited Edition Wines

They encapsulate Siridia’s utmost desire for experimentation.

They originate from inspirations and they are not always available, given the limited number of bottles.


Discover Siridia Wines


red wineAmarone Classico della Valpolicella DOCG

The Amarone can be considered both as an ending and a starting point. For the producer, it is certainly the realization of something grand…


red wineIspirazione, Valpolicella Classico DOC

One night, Siridio lies on the hill, gazing up at the stars. Suddenly, he is struck by an idea as absurd as it is courageous. He wants to reach a star!


red wineAzione, Valpolicella Classico Superiore DOC

Action is the secret ingredient that transforms dreams into reality.

No matter how strong dreams or inspirations may be, they will never be realized unless they are followed by a decisive action to overcome the various obstacles that may arise along the way…


passito wineRecioto Classico della Valpolicella DOCG

The Recioto is the wine dedicated to conviviality, to gatherings with friends and relatives. It is the companion that closes the evening by telling you a story. . And it is here that Siridio’s story comes into play, with his determination to reach the stars…

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sparkling wineAstris, Spumante Metodo Classico

Astris originates from the desire to discover and explore new galaxies in the universe of sensations. For this reason, we have decided to produce a Sparkling Wine in a land renowned for red wines.

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white wineBianco Veronese IGT

The label of this wine takes us into the realm of fantasy, of the abstract. Here, imagination rules: everyone can give their own interpretation to the image. The same thing that happens with wine…

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passito winePassito Bianco Veneto IGT

Only a poem could condense the thought that gave birth to this special Passito. Passion and our territory are the main ingredients, but not the only ones…

evo oilExtra Virgin Olive Oil

Siridia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a multi-variety oil obtained from 250 olive trees located within our vineyards in Valpolicella.

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