Passito Bianco Veneto IGT

Try it paired with pumpkin risotto, a slice of toasted bread with seared foie gras, a poached egg on a bed of pumpkin cream, or a board of blue cheeses like Roquefort and Blue Stilton.





Recommended serving temperature

10 – 12 °C

Alcoholic content


Grape Blend

50% Garganega grapes and 50% Trebbiano Toscano grapes

Winemaking technique

The grapes are hand-picked in boxes and dried naturally from September to November. After a soft pressing, they undergo a red vinification process. The must ferments in contact with the grape skins and stems, which in this case are woody. This particular method enriches the Passito with unique olfactory and gustatory sensations. The aging process takes place in glass demijohns for 12 months and in bottles for an additional 15 months.


Only a poem could condense the thought that gave birth to this special Passito. Passion and our territory are the main ingredients, but not the only ones.

Equally essential are the memories of a father who, during holidays, would bring to the table his white passito, made for these special occasions. Also, there is the desire to steal some time from the daily monotony, escaping with a girl to offer her a glass of white passito while lying on a meadow and whispering this poem to her.

Tasting Notes

The Passito Bianco Siridia, which we define as “Salty Passito,” originates from Garganega and Trebbiano Toscano grapes, carefully selected and handpicked from our hillside vineyards. It shows a bright and lively amber-yellow color.

This wine displays an original and modern character. The result is a fresh Passito, with long-lasting persistence that invites you to take another sip. Its distinctive aromas include candied citrus, dried apricots, orange blossom, toasted hazelnuts, honey, and an intriguing mineral note on the finish Its freshness makes it perfect as an after-dinner wine, especially if paired with dry sweets like cantucci and shortbread pastries, or with a board of aged and blue cheeses.

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