Recioto Classico della Valpolicella DOCG

Try pairing it with a chocolate “torta tenerina” or a tart with cocoa shortcrust pastry and fresh red berries.





Recommended serving temperature

14 – 16 °C

Alcohol content


Grape Blend

Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella grapes

Winemaking technique

Grapes are selected and hand-picked in 4-5 kg crates. This is followed by a long period of natural withering from September to January. After gentle pressing, it follows a red vinification with maceration on the skins. Aging takes place in stainless steel tanks for 24 months and in bottles for an additional 12 months before commercialization.


The Recioto is the wine dedicated to conviviality, to gatherings with friends and relatives. It is the companion that closes the evening by telling you a story. And it is here that Siridio’s story comes into play, with his determination to reach the stars.

The label is a blend of colors and different shades that evoke various impressions.

The darker tones represent the coming sunset. Our hero Siridio finally returns home after a long journey that has led him to a deeper understanding of himself.

On the other hand, the lighter tones warn us that the sun is rising and the journey is not over but it has actually just begun.

In the background, we see a panoramic view of Valpolicella with vineyards and olive trees, a window with a light on, always ready to welcome us.

Whether it’s the end or the beginning, every journey starts from home.

Tasting Notes

A sweet passito wine originated from indigenous red grapes left to wither for a few months after a careful selection in the vineyards. The richness and roundness that this wine releases on the nose and palate are owed to the withering process.

On the palate, Siridia’s Recioto reveals an enveloping, intense character and an elegantly balanced sweetness. On the nose, it releases aromas of blackberry and cherry jam, sweet spices like vanilla and cinnamon and chocolate, finishing with a subtle balsamic hint.

This wine pairs perfectly with dry sweets, fresh red fruit tarts, and buttery puff pastries from Villafranca. It is also interesting alongside medium to long-aged cheeses and blue cheeses. Perfect as a wine to share after a meal. Perfect as a companion wine to share at the end of a meal.

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